PRCBoardExamPassers.com aims to provide the latest and most up-to-date Philippine board exam results sourced from the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) website.

The PRC website is the obviously the best source of information on Philippine board exam passers but unfortunately, the site doesn’t provide a convenient and easy way to view the list of passers. Users have to download PDF documents in order to see the list of passers, which make the process difficult and inconvenient especially for non-technical users.

PRCBoardExamPassers.com provides the easiest and most convenient way to view and browse the list of PRC board exam passers. The PRC board exam results are presented in tabular form for the convenience of users. Users can easily pinpoint a certain name by typing text strings or keywords into the search box above the table and the results are automatically presented to the viewer. This is certainly better than using the search function (CTRL+F) of your web browser.

Unlike other PRC board exam websites, we don’t simply copy and paste data from the PRC website. We make the effort to present all data and information in an easy and convenient manner. Please bookmark us or subscribe to the RSS feed for the latest updates on PRC board exam results.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, you can contact me via the Contact Form, or visit our Facebook page.

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